4th International Conference ICCT-2022

The International Conference ICCT brings together researchers and specialists in the area of smart systems and innovation in computing since 2017. ICCT highlights the various aspects of computer science with special focus on the high-performance computing, IOT, smart systems and security etc.
Information about previous editions of the conference can be found on the web pages for ICCT-2017 , ICCT-2019 and next version ICCT-2021 . The ICCT core committee invites proposals from institutes for hosting the 4th International conference in 2022. The preferred conference date is during 1st or 2nd week of January 2022. Other nearby dates can be discussed. The committee expects the co-organizing institution to bear some responsibilities of managing the conference, and hence a group of active organizers is most welcome.

How to Apply

Send your application via email to the ICCT: [email protected] and [email protected] with "Application for hosting the ICCT-2022 Conference" written in the subject line of your message.
For more details please visit the conference website ( )


Proposals for hosting the ICCT 2022 Conference should consist of a 3-5 page document that includes the following information:

1.) The Professional Curriculum Vitae of the applicant (who will serve as one of the Programme Co-Chairs if proposal is accepted).
2.) Description of transportation options (nearest airports, transportation from airport to campus, transportation from campus to housing/hotels)
3.) Description of lodging options (local hotels/motels, on-campus housing,)
4.) Description of available conference facilities including more detailed information.
5.) A brief explanation on why the campus wants to host the ICCT Conference
6.) Listing of potential service-related partners on campus and in the community (as an attachment)
7.) (optional) A scanned copy of the letter / email from the head of the department/centre/ laboratory proposing to host the conference, which should be forwarded and approved by head of the institute (Director/Dean/Registrar).

Contact Person for Special Session:

Rahul Saxena: +91-9649121932 ([email protected])
Sandeep Chaurasia: +91- 9571228110 ([email protected])
Mahesh Jangid: +91-9799969098